The Egyptian Academy of Bone Health and Metabolic bone diseases is a professional medical association of health professionals with special interest in osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases. The Academy provides free podcast interviews with experts in the field, keeping you up to date with the latest research on your computer or on the go. In cooperation with the specialists in the field of Osteoporosis, the Egyptian Academy created e-Learning Modules for colleagues who would like to learn more about diagnosis and management of Osteoporosis. Please see the about us page. The Academy advocates for patients and the public and set standards for Bone Health, management of metabolic bone disorders as well as Bone Health education. The Academy works in collaboration with other colleagues regionally as well as internationally. Recent publications: P742- TREAT-TO-TARGET CONSENSUS MANAGEMENT APPROACH FOR PEDIATRIC OSTEOPOROSIS, IOF-ESCEO conference 2019 Paris. OP0216- IDENTIFICATION AND MANAGEMENT OF PATIENTS AT INCREASED RISK OF OSTEOPOROTIC FRACTURE: IMPLEMENTATION OF IMMINENT RISK FACTOR IN STANDARD DAILY PRACTICE FOR BONE MINERAL DENSITY ASSESSMENT AND PATIENT MANAGEMENT, EULAR 2019 Madrid.

The Egyptian Academy of Bone Health

The Egyptian Academy of bone health is dedicated to promoting strong bones, preventing and managing osteoporosis and broken bones, improving awareness of bone health as well as reducing human suffering through programs of public and clinician awareness, education, advocacy and research. The Egyptian Academy of Bone Health operates in partnership with PRINTO Egypt.

Who are we?

The Egyptian Academy of Bone Health and Metabolic Bone Diseases (EABHMB) is an Egyptian professional association of Health care professionals with special interest in bone health. The Academy consists of a diverse community of academic staff, medical researchers, health professionals and Professional Services staff working side-by-side and in collaboration with our national health partners. It offers an exciting collaborative platform between the university as well as national health Hospitals across Egypt.

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Our Activities

At the Academy of Bone Health we are shaping the future of bone health through the provision of innovative education and advanced research, delivered by leading academics and supported by a diverse range of committed and high-performing health professionals. In addition, the academy runs continuing medical education (CME) programs for professionals who have special interest in bone health and metabolic bone disease.