The Egyptian Academy of Bone Health and Metabolic bone diseases is a professional medical association of health professionals with special interest in osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases. The Academy provides free podcast interviews with experts in the field, keeping you up to date with the latest research on your computer or on the go. In cooperation with the specialists in the field of Osteoporosis, the Egyptian Academy created e-Learning Modules for colleagues who would like to learn more about diagnosis and management of Osteoporosis. Please see the about us page. The Academy advocates for patients and the public and set standards for Bone Health, management of metabolic bone disorders as well as Bone Health education. The Academy works in collaboration with other colleagues regionally as well as internationally. Recent publications: P742- TREAT-TO-TARGET CONSENSUS MANAGEMENT APPROACH FOR PEDIATRIC OSTEOPOROSIS, IOF-ESCEO conference 2019 Paris. OP0216- IDENTIFICATION AND MANAGEMENT OF PATIENTS AT INCREASED RISK OF OSTEOPOROTIC FRACTURE: IMPLEMENTATION OF IMMINENT RISK FACTOR IN STANDARD DAILY PRACTICE FOR BONE MINERAL DENSITY ASSESSMENT AND PATIENT MANAGEMENT, EULAR 2019 Madrid.

Patient Resources

What are DXA scans

A bone density scan, also known as a DXA scan, uses small dose of X-ray radiation and a computer to measure the amount of calcium present in your bones. A DXA scan looks for signs of fragile bones (osteoporosis), which have a low density. The results of the scan help to: 1. estimate your risk of fractures in different bones, for example hip, wrist or bones of the spine; 2. monitor how well treatment for osteoporosis is working. The procedure is quick and painless.

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DXA results

The results of a DXA scan for bone density use a system called a T-score. The T-score involves comparing a person's scan with the bone density of a healthy young adult of the same sex. The World Health Organization (WHO) provided certain cut-off points to define the bone density levels. For more details click here

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